Food Allergy

About Food Allergy

While there are some people who have bad reactions to certain food, the real food allergy is actually triggered by the body's immune system and is known to be a rare condition. The hypersensitivity to food can cause a number of serious problem and can even lead to death.


The reaction to food allergy can vary from one person to another, ranging from mild to fatal. The reactions and symptoms can be evident after a few minutes after intake of food. This includes the tingling sensation in the mouth, eczema and hives, abd...Read More


The only way effective way to avoid an allergic reaction is to diligently avoid the foods that cause all the signs and symptoms of an allergy attack. Antihistamine drugs are also useful.

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  • Probiotics and food allergies

    Probiotics have been immensely helpful for our child with food allergies. There is a lot of research that shows that probiotics can help but we have experienced this first hand.