About Autism

Autism is a brain disorder associated with a variety of developmental problems, which impairs in social interaction and communication causing restricted and repetitive behavior. The manifestations are often observed before the child turns three.


An impaired social skill marked by failure to respond to own name, resists cuddling and hugging, poor eye contact, and prefers to play alone is noticeable. An autistic child starts talking later than a normal child; manifesting a singsong voice or ro...Read More


There is no treatment for autism. Approaches include behavioral and communication therapies aimed at reducing problem behaviors, teaching new skills to teach children how to act properly in social situations and to encourage better communication with...Read More

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  • Red bumps reaction to detox protocol

    3 months into the detox protocol we had a little reaction as shown in the picture. Practioner's recommendation was to slow down the detox of 3 items which we are doing. By the way we also saw an increase in speech when this happened... so we think we've found a toxin that was affecting my son's sy...Read More

  • Barb's Probiotic Experience

    Barbara tried every probiotic under the sun.... to treat constipation. After two years she tried ProBiotixx by Organixx... and voila... all better.

  • Daniel's Progress

    Diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 2.5 years old. We are on a journey to recover this child and have made remarkable progress.

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  • Insurance Coverage

    Valerie suggested we add details on: Medical insurance/coverage is determined by plan and by each company on what they put in their plan so a family can't compare a blue shield plan between families because i (t depends on what their respective employers purchased. However sharing diagnoses or CPT ...Read More